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Flow was launched in 2006, revolutionising integration software with a fresh methodology, and avoiding the common pitfalls of classic integration software.

Our Story

The integration of complex business systems has become a focal point for CIO's.  Business has become more complex and diverse, and monolithic ERP systems are no longer able to provide a single solution.  The CIO's challenge has become selecting best-of-breed software to support differing business functions and to then integrate these applications effectively with the ERP.

Various integration software packages have surfaced - predominantly built with Java and inspired from legacy open source projects when integration was the playground of academics.  These products use similar methodologies to approach the integration problem which can create a glass ceiling when utilised in complex integration projects.

Flow revolutionised integration software with a fresh approach focused on integration of technologies rather than specific applications, and a unique blend of graphical design and software coding to give the ultimate flexibility to your integration projects.

Technology adaptors vs Application adaptors

If your integration software uses specific adaptors to enable connection to your applications, you become limited by the features of the adaptor and whether the vendor continues to support new versions of your applications by releasing new adaptors.  Flow connects with common API technologies such as SQL, Files, Web Services, and COM meaning you can connect to any application with an API.

Graphical configuration and Coding

Does your integration software create a bamboo forest of lines mapping one field to another?  Do your bamboo sticks only support a limited set of functions?  Do your developers want more control and would rather work in Visual Studio?  Flow uniquely blends graphical configuration and coding for an integration experience familiar to developers, but in a controlled environment that avoids the issues with bespoke integration coding.

Built for the Microsoft Windows platform

Built for the Microsoft Windows platform using .Net 4.0 and Microsoft SQL Server, the Flow integration platform is a reliable and secure solution that fits into your existing computing environment. Flow software has no dependency on Linux or Windows-ported services like Tomcat and Apache so you avoid complex deployment and maintenance issues.

Why are we successful?

Integration is more than technology and our close association with our partners, customers and their business requirements creates an integration software package that is ready for business.


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